Clickbank Analytics

Updated on: 2014-03-24 /  Active products: 10,645 /  Inactive products: 120,065 /  All products: 130,710 
Top gravity
VENUSIND 573.09 0.00
FORSURVEYS 289.24 0.00
GSNIPER 249.01 0.00
NKDBEAUTY 200.98 0.00
MIKEGEARY1 196.62 0.00
Top gravity gain
LUCIDX 2.11 +0.00
JORGESG 2.97 +0.00
IN2PLAY 5.27 +0.00
TIARAPLAN 3.17 +0.00
FISERVICES 2.05 +0.00
Top total gravity
GSNIPER 80,787
Product Of The Day WOOD4HOME 12.36 0.00 Woodworking4Home.com (75% commission + $5 Bonus/Sale

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About Clickbank Analytics

Clickbank Analytics is essential research tool for both publishers and affiliates of ClickBank affiliate network. It collects numerous statistics about all digital products sold by Clickbank. If you find yourself lost or unsure what is what you can read Getting started guide. You can contact us by emailing .


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